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A guide on what plants to use and where on the Manning Coast

A guide to planting methods and species selection

Wallis Lake Catchment Revegetation Guide

Strategy, Species selection, Planting Methods

General information on revegetation strategy and planting methods, and a catchment by catchment guide to endemic plant species

Trees on the Farm

Integrating tree plantings with farm planning

Basic outline of strategy and preparation and planting techniques for multi-functional on-farm tree planting projects

Littoral Rainforest


Fact Sheet on Littoral Rainforest: an Endangered Ecological Community under the Threatened Species Conservation Act 1995

Indigenous Plants of Greater Taree

Native vegetation

Colour photographs and information on the local native species found in the greater Taree area, available to download.

Revegetating Streams in the Hastings Catchment

A guide to species selection and planting methods

Replacing Camphors with Figs

Using succession in woody weed management


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