Stop 4

Harrington Rainforest Walk

Images thanks to Hugh Nicholson – Rainforest Plants of Australia 


There is a small stand of Black Apple Pouteria australis here.  They are small trees common in the understorey and you may be lucky and see the large black plum-like fruit on the forest floor in early summer.  The fruit is edible and can be made into a jam.


Opposite, just behind the fence further up, is a very tall Wattle Acacia maidenii. The opening of the canopy here, helped by the track, has enabled this species to thrive. Normally it grows on the margins of rainforest where there is more sun.


Can you find a Long Leaf Water Vine Cissus sterculifolia on the fence. The compound leaves have 5 leaflets (sometimes 3) and each leaflet is about 8 to 17 cm long. 


A little further on, where the track turns to the right is a Silver Basswood or Celery Wood Polyscias elegans. It is a palm-like tree with an umbrella-shaped crown. The large compound leaves have pointed leaflets which are up to 13 cm long and are pointed. The purplish black fruit is another important food source for birds.