Stop 8

Harrington Rainforest Walk

Images thanks to Pieta Laing


You are now out of the rainforest and looking towards the lagoon.  In front of you are the saltmarshes, then a line of Grey Mangroves Avicennia marina var. australasica and then the lagoon.


Some clumps of Swamp She-Oak Casuarina glauca can also be seen. Many saltmarshes in southern Australia have been drained, used as land-fill sites, or have been degraded by grazing. The remaining sites are easily damaged by trampling.


If you walk along the track to the right and then turn and look back to the rainforest you will see the tall Coastal Banksias and the remnant sand-dune that protect the rainforest from the salt-laden winds from the ocean


A weed to keep a look out for is Bitou Bush Chrysanthemoides monilifera subsp. rotundata.   This yellow flowered plant can grow from numerous seeds or vegetatively from stems that touch the ground. It out-competes native plants.

If you continue to the right along the lagoon edge you will reach the back of the caravan park and then the break-wall.