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Karuah & Great Lakes Landcare

Karuah & Great Lakes Landcare Inc. (KGLL), set up in 1998, is an umbrella group operating in the catchments of the Great Lakes and Karuah on the lower north coast to support community action to care for our natural resources. 

We work closely with MidCoast Council, Hunter Local Land Services, MidCoast Water and of course our MidCoast 2 Tops Landcare Connection partners for a coordinated regional approach.

We have been involved in many projects such as improving catchment water quality, monitoring sea-grass beds, health of bushland areas, connectivity, feral animal control, weed control, property planning, soil health and improved grazing management. In conjunction with MidCoast Council we also provide the Land for Wildlife program in the district.


KGLL has an elected Executive and a committee of representatives from the different localities and areas of interest.

KGLL provides an integrated 'care' network for natural resource management based groups and volunteers in the region. We offer a coordinated approach for advocacy, involvement in regional strategies, access to resources & funding, robust planning of on-ground works, education provision and networking to enhance landholder engagement. We provide an auspice to autonomous local sub-groups for governance, insurance and grant funding.


We have shared resources and equipment for members' use including a Yeomans Plow and laser level, microscopes, motion sensor cameras, tree poppers, soil monitoring gear and small library of books.


Our office at the side of the Nabiac Community Centre is typically open on Tuesdays and Fridays 9.30am-1pm

Contact our Local Landcare Coordinator, Joël Dunn - joel.kgl.landcare@gmail.com or 0401 932 533



Membership of $10/year or $25/3 years supports your local Landcare network, gets you on our subscribers' email list, and entitles you to arrange loans of our shared equipment. Download a membership form here


Through education and skills-development we aim to raise the awareness of ecologically sustainable and productive land management practices. We want to improve farm viability, the natural environment and quality of life for current and future generations.


Contact: John Jenkins on 6559 1251

The Topi Topi Sustainable Farming Group is a loose group of like-minded small landholders in the Great Lakes area of the Mid North Coast of New South Wales, Australia.

The group’s objective is to share ideas and resources relevant to each member’s landholding and the unique climate, geography, soil type and hydrology of our immediate local area with a goal of operating in an environmentally responsible manner.

We hold regular bi-monthly meetings, and avail ourselves of experts in our areas of interest when the opportunities arise.

New members are welcomed and are encouraged to contact Fred Fetherston on 0427 461 101

Local community group with diverse interests and knowledge, with members with interest in cattle, goats, donkeys, native bees etc.  Meet every 2 months on second Friday of the month at various locations. Relaxed and informal format which allows every member to have a say on any local issues or topics, and members can offer advice or comments.


Contact: Jenny Larrain on 0468 306 705

We are primarily local landholders who are interested in sustainable practices for farming. The majority of members have cattle on small farms but we also have a sheep grazier and a vineyard amongst our members.


Contact: Dale Bradshaw 0403 067 001

Our aim is to develop the KCLG into an active forum to share interests and ideas, learn and disseminate information to contribute to the wellbeing of the population and the environment which supports us all and to become a feed-back channel to council, LLS and Government to engage landholders in caring for the land and giving a voice to advise government and statutory bodies of landholders views on management of the land and the ecology.

Contact: Rod Zemanek 0414 635 536

We have a long history in Landcare, implementing the Wang Wauk Catchment Rivercare Plan with streambank rehabilitation and erosion control works, and projects including dung beetle releases, farm forestry and vertebrate pest management.

We're still here with a mission to care for our catchment.

Contact: Elwyn Hile 02 6559 1551

Our group meets at DeBert Reserve on Wednesday mornings. 


We are auspiced by MidCoast Council, and looked after Steve Howard, MCC Volunteer Coordinator.  We have a shed for our equipment adjoining the toilet block at the Reserve. 

Our aims are to control invasive weeds and remove rubbish from the Smiths Lake Foreshore Crown Land Reserve managed by MCC.

The Reserve is 40m wide up from AHD water level of the lake. It stretches for 6km along the length of the Smiths Lake village.  The Reserve is designated to provide a buffer zone from water activities and provide access for the public, and we have a passion for keeping it in good health.

For more information, please contact Ken Whitehead on 0407 043 957