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Manning Landcare

Manning Landcare is an incorporated community based organisation that has operated in the Manning Valley for 2 decades. We have a volunteer management committee and employ 2 part time co-ordinators working from an office/resource centre in Wingham. 

Manning Landcare acts as the umbrella organisation for other Landcare and environmental groups active in Manning and Stewarts River catchments. We support members and the community with informative activities, publicity & projects and hold educational workshops on a large variety of land management topics. Manning Landcare also works with employment agencies by assisting teams working on projects that benefit our community.


Manning Landcare’s office is in the middle of the main street of Wingham in the CWA Rooms

At 91 Isabella Street Wingham.  Open on Mondays & Wednesdays from 9-4.

Postal address: P.O Box 130, Wingham, 2429

Phone - Landcare Coordinator - Lyn Booth 0427 530 681



We welcome Group and Individual membership . Email us for more information

Member Groups and Connections

Wherrol Flat & Caparra Landcare Group Inc

Killabakh & Lower Cedar Party Landcare Inc

Taree Landcare

Kolodong Landcare

Friends of Browns Creek

Nature Mind Connect Group

Wingham Landcare

Stewarts River Catchment Group

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