Property Resilience

& Recovery

Planning Resources

Please find below the recommended readings by your presenters.

Action Planning Workbook

Download a copy of your Action Planning Workbook here if you need a new copy. 

Climate Change on the Mid Coast

Adapt NSW North Coast Snap Shot

Central Coast and Hunter Industry Transitions Planning 

Projected impacts of climate changes on agriculture

Water Quality Management

Council Water Quality Scorecard

Bushfire Impacts on Water Quality and What Can Be Done?

Managed Grazing


Ian Popay, & Roger Field. (1996). Grazing Animals as Weed Control Agents. Weed Technology, 10(1), 217-231. Retrieved November 9, 2020, from http://www.jstor.org/ stable/3987805

Soil Health Post Drought and Fire

Key Messages from Lee Fieldhouse

Nicole Masters fire recovery webinar and summary

How to do a biological seed inoculation (it’s really easy)

Walter Jehne talks fire & fungi

Erosion Control 

Miller, Wendy. (1995). Practical Guide to Soil Erosion.

South East Local Land Services (2018) Gully Erosion Assessment and Control Guide. 


Landscape Hydration


Dale Strickler. 2018. The Drought-resilient farm. (Book needing to be purchased) 

Extensive list of resources from Mulloon Institute

Weed Management

Anthony Marchment's Presentation. Extensive resources links included in last slide. 

Department of Primary Industries. 2020. Weeds Strategy and policy.

Department of Planning, Industry and Environment. 2020. Fire and the Environment 2019-20.

Society for Ecological Restoration. 2018. National Standards for the practice of ecological restoration in Australia.

Bushfire Property Preparedness 

Hotspots Fire Project. 2010 Managing Fire on your Property.

Rural Fire Service. Fire Farm Safety.

Call the local RFS to set up a site visit to assess and plan your property preparedness. 1300 643 262

Value of Biodiversity on Private Property 

Sustainable Farms, ANU. 2020. Fire in Farm Landscape Keep your Fallen Timber and Dead Trees

Sustainable Farms, ANU. 2020. Powerful Pollinators. Encouraging insect pollinators in farm landscapes.  (This was written for South East NSW but if a fantastic resource. Some planting guides vary slightly. Local Natives should be preferenced)

Sustainable Farms, ANU. 2020. Shelter belts.

Power, A.G., 2010, Ecosystem services and agriculture: tradeoffs and synergies

Hayward, M. W., Ward‐Fear, G., L'Hotellier, F., Herman, K., Kabat, A. P., & Gibbons, J. P. (2016). Could biodiversity loss have increased Australia's bushfire threat?. Animal Conservation, 19(6), 490-497.

Sustainable Farms, ANU. 2020. Riparian Restoration.