We have heard the cries from our communities on how we can begin to respond to this latest crisis for our region. As we begin the cleanup, please always consider the safety of yourself, family and pets as a priority, and refer to the advice of MidCoast Council and Mid North Coast NSW SES before responding.

Council has begun the prioritisation process of the necessary cleanup, and will begin with contractors to clear and stabilise the beaches in the coming week. We ask that you respect your own safety and the access of this machinery as this process begins. When clearing areas yourself, please always wear protective gear, and ensure someone knows where you are going.

As the systems begin to stabilise and we can confidently access these areas, Manning Coastcare GROUP will hold community clean up events. In the meantime, follow along with future posts for what we can do to assist wildlife and the greater cleanup efforts.

: Clare Rouke, Manning River Turtle Group

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